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COVID - 19 added protocols

 We are implementing additional safety measures as a result of COVID -19. We want to ensure the safety of our dancers comes first heading back to in studio class time. Plese review the following:

~ The studio will be cleaned and sanitized regularly by two outside companies. In addition, we will be cleaning all common areas nightly. 

~ We will continue with a  student drop off and pick up system. There will be no parents n the lobby at this time. 

~ Dancers should arrive as close to scheduled dance time as possible. Combination dancers will be escorted to and the entrance/classroom by the instructor. 

~ Dancers must be picked up at dismissal time.

~ Dancers will be assigned a color or letter the first week of class. This will be used to identify their storage and dance space in the classroom. 

~ Dancers will be assigned a 6 x 6 dance space in the classroom. Class sizes will be limited.

~ Sanitizing stations will be found throughout. It is recommended to sanitize hand upon arrival. 

~ Teachers ill have temperatures taken and are required to wear face coverings when teaching. 

~ Dancers must bring their own water bottle to class.