About Us

Mission Statement: Our mission at studio 32 dance company is to provide our students with the highest quality dance education in both a positive and nurturing environment. We will encourage each and every student to always express themselves inspire one another and create as well as, to be confident in their abilities. We will value the complete development of each incomparable dancer and help them to encompass their talents.

When I decided to open Studio 32 Dance Company it had everything to do with the incredible dancers and families in my life.  I had the desire to put together a program that I would be proud of standing behind. It would allow me to share a program that would guarantee every student a positive, professional, creative, and progressive atmosphere.

It is our goal at Studio 32 Dance Company to give each and every student the learning experience they deserve. Our educated staff of instructors shares this goal and together will bring to our students the highest quality dance education available. You can expect from our team of instructors to deliver excellence in dance instruction in an encouraging setting. We value the importance of our role as leaders in the classroom and look forward to the relationships made along the way.